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Jumat, 27 Desember 2013

How to Upgrade Android OS can be done very easily , can be a PC , laptop or mobile phone your own . Upgrading from version Gingerbread , Jelly Beans , Ice Cream Sandwich , Froyo , Honeycomb , Eclair , Cupcake and so on .

Actually how to upgrade the OS ( Android , Blackberry , Apple , etc. ) on samsung phones almost the same as on a PC . Therefore , the latest in 2013 this way may be very helpful to overcome the difficulties and problems that sometimes we are not in supoort by its apps . I will share the process of lawyer- upgradetan Android Os .


Before upgrading OS Androdi that we have of course we have to match if we upgrade the OS according to the phones that we have. As this will affect the performance of our mobile phones , it can only be upgraded after our phone with the latest OS , which usually is the Jelly Bean Android OS .

How to Upgrade Android OS Samsung ( Through Computers PC ) :

By using an application on a computer we can upgrade the Android OS . Yes. The software is named ' Samsung Kies ' .

Features of Samsung Kies which provides the ability to back up data , transfer data more easily , manage content , and download applications from Samsung Apps . But the main utility is that you can upgrade to the latest version of Android gadgets . Now the Android version update fairly quickly , and you certainly want to get the latest software version for the Android phone 's favorite . Throughout the upgraded version is already available , why not try .

 Download Samsung Kies PC application on Samsung Apps Center .

  • Then install the application on the PC , after you connect your Android phone to a PC with a data cable .
  • Once connected and recognize the application , the screen will display the firmware update notification .
  • Click the upgrade button , and wait until all processing is complete .
  • Pay attention to your data cable , be sure not to loose and internet connection running smoothly.
  • After finishing upgrading the android os , then remove the data cable then restart your smartphone .

All the risks that occur on your data should be backed up , sometimes for several types of android can not terbackup . then do a backup first . Please find in Download PS2 Emulator Android .

There are also advantages diperloleh by upgrading to a new version , for example, our phones will be faster and easier system performance . But we must be careful in choosing and telilti upgraded version used , whether the suit fits requiretments etc. . May be useful for you all smartphone users based operating system