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Minggu, 03 Januari 2016

Technology is getting more space in our lives day by day and many of us spend a lot of time in front of our screens. Everybody wants to get in touch with their daily routine works or any entertainment. To start the New Year 2016, we have come up with a list of must have or best apps for Windows in 2016 to make your daily life better and easier.

best windows apps 2016

1. f.lux: Eye Care:

best windows apps

f.lux got popularity on Macs. The app basically prevents your eyes to become ruin due to late night working on your computer. It automatically changes the color of your desktop according to the light of your surrounding area.
2. Microsoft OneNote: Notes & Data Collection:

best apps 2016

Every Microsoft user is a familiar with this app and probably many Microsoft users use Microsoft OneNote. By using this app you can track all of your record and information through typed or handwritten notes, screen clippings, drawings and audio commentaries.

3. Skype: Conference Calls:

Skype Conference Call

Skype is one of the best and popular applications of Microsoft. Through Skype you can connect at least 25 participants via instant messaging, voice calls or video calls. All calls through Skype to Skype are totally free.

4. Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks:

Wunderlist windows best app

Microsoft acquired this modern application in 2015. Wunderlist was redesigned for Windows 10 and has impressive features in it.

5. Drawboard PDF: PDF Viewer:

Drawboard windows apps

Drawboard PDF is a latest PDF viewer which offers you to read and create free-form markups of documents.

6. Stardock Fences: Desktop Organization:

Stardock Fences - best windows apps

Stardock Fences is basically a desktop organization app for your device. You can separate different app icons and files into different shaded groups on your desktop. You can hide or show your icons by double clicking. You can also create desktop portal on your desktop from any folder.

7. Sticky Notes Pro: Quick Notes:

Sticky Notes Pro for windows

Sticky Notes Pro solved the problem of your schedules and tasks. Now you can remember your things and get alert through sticky notes with different sizes, fonts and colors.

8. Flipboard: Digital Newspaper:

Flipboard Digital Newspaper

Flipboard offers you to get in touch with the latest updates according to your own interest in one place. You can easily search your desired news through this smart navigation app.

9. StumbleUpon: Random Entertainment:

must have apps 2016

Through Stumbleupon smart social media app you can discover and enjoy the best videos, photos and web pages. Stumbleupon gives you rating option as well for the content by clicking thumb upward or downward.

10. The Weather Channel:

The Weather Channel best app 2016

The Weather Channel app gives you forecasts and alerts of current conditions of weather through news, maps and videos.

11. iHeartRadio:

iHeartRadio, new year app

iHeartRadio gives you an option to listen free music from hundreds of broadcast and custom radio stations on Internet. You can also create your own station based on your interests.

12. Netflix: Movies & TV Shows:

Netflix windows app

Netflix Windows 10 app enables you to to find your favorite movies and TV shows. Netflix gives you an opportunity to find the best music show, drama or film even produced 50 years ago.