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Jumat, 25 September 2015

Windows 10 came up with advance user-friendly customization features that let users to tweak every aspect of the windows 10. For most of us manually customizing our windows desktop is not an easy task and takes lot of time and effort to get the desired results. So rather customizing you can download and use custom Windows 10 themes to spice up your desktop.

These window 10 themes below are created by expert artist and are available absolutely free to download. Here I would also like to suggest you to download Windows 10 themes only from authentic and trusted websites few of which we are going to share in our post. 

Usually Microsoft doesn't allow users to install any third party Windows 10 themes on your Desktop in addition to few built up themes. Luckily today we have a very useful tool UXTheme Multi-Patcher that will let you to browse, download and use any Windows 10 theme of your choice.

How to install Third-Party windows 10 Themes on your computer

In order to use third-party custom windows 10 themes you just need to install and run UXTheme Multi-Patcher on your computer. The whole process is super is just follow these quick steps below:

First of all download latest version of UXTheme Multi-Patcher 14.2. 
Extract the zip file to get required file
Launch the tool and before you move on to next step uncheck Set Windows X's Live as default home page" to not make any changes to your default browser.
Click the patch button and restart your computer to apply the changes.

All Done!

Download Best Free Windows 10 Themes

Here is our collection of 10 best and most importantly free windows 10 themes to download and install on your PC.

1. Aero White Taskbar Theme for Windows 10 rtm by ZEUSosX

2. Yosem Dark Theme For Windows 10 RTM by cu88

3. Windows 10 - Dark Theme by Metroversal

4. Colored Title Bar Theme for Windows 10 by mare-m

5. Silk for Windows 10 Technical Preview by link6155

6. Aero 7 Themes for Windows 10 by sagorpirbd

7. Steam M10 - Windows 10 Theme by fediaFedia

8. XP Themes Final for Windows 10 by sagorpirbd

9. Numix Theme Windows 10 Technical Preview

10. Licorice for Windows 10 Technical Preview