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Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011

History of World War II (1939-1945)

Muhammad Aulia Iskandar Muda (Historical Observer)

World War II is the big war after World War I have finished. This war occurs about six years(1939-1945). In this war , There are two blocks. Axis Block and Allies Block. The Axis Block consist of three countries only, Germany, Italy and Japan(1940). In the Allies Block consist of, U.S.A, United Kingdom, France,Australy, New Zealand, South Africa and Russia(1941).

World War II happens because many factors and maybe German will revenge as a result in World War II as a losers. Under the Nazi forces and their leaders, Adolf Hitler. He said to all people in Germany, He will take over all countries in the world. But I have other opinion why Germany want to start the World War II:

a. Versailles Agreement, has harmed Germany, such as :
    a) the region of  Germany, Rhineland, has taken over by United Kingdom and this city is forbidden for the
    Germany's Army to enter the city. In the World War II, the Germany's Army sucessfully enter this city and
    has repelled the Allies's Army.
    b) German must pay the fare wars during the World War I
b. German will merge the German-speaking region consist of, Poland,Austria and so on.
c. The Ambiton of Germany leaders, Adolf Hitler will take over many countries in the world. I think it is the impossible mission.

Beginning of War   
1. Danzig, 1939,September, 1 st
I will explain you about the first battle in World War II. This attack cause United Kingdom and France declare the war to the German. But Before Attack the Danzig, Poland, Germany with Russia has signed Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact on 1939, August 24 th. The Result of this Pact is Germany and Russia will take over the Poland region which German will take over the West Poland and Russia will take over the East Poland. Also Germany and Russia won't attack each other. United Kingdom and France very shocked about this Pact. And this war has finished on 1939,October 6 th after all region of Poland has controlled by Germany, Russia and Slovakia contingent. And the goverment of Poland has evacuated to the Rumany. But They never say "surrender" to the Germany or Russia. Then, They join to the Allies Block to fight against Axis Block and take over again their country.

Although United Kingdom and  France has declared the war to the Germany after Germany has attacked Poland, The counter attack to the Germany is very little. And many fighter of Poland has caughted by Germany's Army and Russia's Army. Then, they will all be killed. Usually They has killed by Germany's Army or Russia's Army in the jungle. One of the junggle is Katyn Jungle. Until Now, International Courts still investigate who have killed the Poland's Army in it. Germany and Russia only mutual recriminations.

On this time Norwegy, Switzerland, Finlandy, Netherlands, Belgium and so on has declared as  neutral. After this war, the Germany's Leader, Adolf Hitler want to invade the west region. But, many the generals has rejected this decision. They think this decision is very crazy because they will face-to-face with Allies Block such as France and United Kingdom. But Hitler say"My decison can't be revoked. And finally The Germany's Generals has followed the instructions from the Adolf Hitler. But, Adolf Hitler almost killed by bomb when he is presenting the dialog to discuss about the attack the west region. And Adolf Hitler still life.

France and Nederland. Russia also attack his neighbour, Finland on 1939, November 30 th. Although Finland gives a great resstance to the Russian. Finally, Russian can take over this country. Back to Germay, According to the Adolf Hitler's Plan, German will attack Luxembour, Nederland and Belgium to avoid the Maginot Line. And finally managed to break the Allied forces to drive up to the English Channel. Then Germany's Army will attack the France's Army. And the Germany's Army not unstoppable until the France's Army Surrender and The British's Army back to their country with the Dunkirk area and back to their contry  by pass the English Channel. And in the France, Germany has decided to divide France. North France and South France. North France is controlled by Germany and the South France is controlled by the puppet goverment based in Vichy town.

In Russia's Army,on June 1940, will start to enter the Lithuany,Latvy and Rumany. Germany's army will start to launch "Sea Lion Operation" to take control of the sky of United Kingdom. But This operation meet the failure and the Germany's Army has failled to invade the mainland of United Kingdom. And as a counter attack the British's Army has atacked the Germany's city such as Munich and Bremen. And finally the pilot of the Spitfire and Huricane can rest.

On 1940,September, 27 th Italy and Japan has joined with Germany to help it in the World War II. Then, Italy  invaded  Greece from Albany but can detained by Greece's Army and the Greece's Army has counter attacked the Italy's Army. Hitler, the Germany's leader has decided to help Italy with send the soldier to the Albany to help Italy's Army. Nazi's Army also assisted by Croatia and Bosnia but Nazi's Army get the great ressitance from the Serbia's Army led by Josep Broz Tito.

In the Asia Pasific, Japan will attack the Pearl Harbour on Night 1941,September, 7 th. But many pilot of Japan has rejected his plan because the condition is very dark and very cold. And Japan's Army attack the Baharu City, Malaysia. In the fact, this decision is very dangerous because the British's Amry maybe will send the signal to the U.S Army to strengthen the defense in the Pearl Harbour. This attack is led by Tomoyuki Yamasitha. After sucessfully invade the Malaysia, He's called "The Tiger of Malaya". But Until The Japan's Army attack the Pearl Harbour on the 1941, September, 7 th, in U.S.A only cool and calm until  know that Japan's Army has attacked the Pearl Harbour in Hawaii. Pearl Harbour is headquarters of leading of U.S Army. The U.S Army is very shocked about this attack. They had no idea that Japan's Army will attack the Pearl Harbour because in the yesterday Japan's Goverment has told to the U.S Goverment that They will neutral in this war. And Finally Japan win this war.

After This War, Japan attack the Philipines, And only some months Japan's Army has controlled this area. In the Singapore Japan also get the win against British's Army. And Now, Japan's Army will go to the Hindia-Nederland. The First area has controlled by Japan is Balikpapan,Tarakan. From the Malaysia and Singapore Japan's Army attack Medan and Palembang. And Finally Japan's Army want to attack Java Island. The Allies Army has gathered in Bandung and began to feel worried. Japan with the quick attack land the soldier in 3 areas, Eretan Wetan(Cirebon,West Java), Merak(Banten) and Surabaya(East Java) led by Hithosi Imamura on 1942. And finally land in Jakarta. From Jakarta the Japan's Army hit the Allies Army in Bogor to Bandung. And from Eretan Wetan to Subang and finally to Bandung. Finally The Allies Army back to Australy. And Ter Poorten take the peaceful measures. And Japan succesfully controlled the Hindia-Nederland.

Back to Situation in Europa which Italy want to take control of Suez Canal. But The British's Army,The India's Army and The Australy's Army has hit the Italy's Army back to their country. And Hitler read the situation and decide to send the Germany's Soldier to the Africa. And finally land in the Libya help the Italy's Army to take control of Egypt, spesific in Suez Canal. Germany's Army led by Erwin Rommel.

On 1941, The British Army and Allies Army has attacked Suriah and Lebanon and sucessfully controlled this country. In Iraq has occured rebellion led by Rashid-Ali Group and is supported by yerusallem large mufti. This People is support the Nazi's Army. The British Army has come the soldier from India so that two person has run to the Europe and meet the Nazi's Leader, Adolf Hitler. They run to the Europe from Turkey. In Africa. Germany's Army has controlled the Tobruk Port.

Battle of El-Alamien I occurs on 1942,July,1 until 1942,July,27. And Battle of El-Alamien II occurs on 1942, October, 23rd until 1942,November,3rd. Montgomery become the commander of Eight Army after replace Claude Auchinleck. In this war Erwin Rommel has backed to Europe for treatment after suffer the jaundice. Mntgomery has know that Rommel has backed to the Europe and He utlize this opportunity. Although the Brtish's Army has suffered many tanks are missing, Montgomery can win this war. And finally Rommel back to Africa only to repatriate the soldier to the Germany for defending the country because western front and eastern front has controlled by Alies Army.

To complete this win, The Allies Army led  by Dwight Einshower. This purpose to control Maroco and Algeria. In Africa Germany's Army has began to trouble the food. Rommel has dropped his army's to the Italy. And finally on 1943, May,13 rd The Allies Army has beated the German's Army and start to attack the Sicilia Island. And attack to Italy. Although the Government Italy has surenndered, but Germany's Army still here and fight to  the Allies Army.

But Finally The Aliies's Army has beated the German's Army again and succesfully controlled the Roma, capital city of Italy on 1944,June 5th. And after control the Roma, the Allies Army will go to the Germany for control the Berlin. So, German has faced three direction eastern front(Russia Attack), western front(Allies Army from U.S.A., France and United Kingdom. and southern front(the allies army from the africa).

Back to Eastern Front, German has launched the "Barbarosa Operation" and Almost to controlled the Moscow. But Germany's Army Lost in Stalingrad against Russian Army. And from Stalingrad, Germany's Army has suffered successive defeats. And Finally The Russian's Army has achieved the frontier line between Poland and Germany countries.

Back to Pacific, Same with the condition of  Germany's Army in the Eastern Front. Since has suffered successive defeats in Pacific against America. The Japan's Army has backed to Philipine. And Back to Japan, their country. And the Japan's Army will launch their secret weapons, Kamikaze. Kamikaze is same with suicide in Afghanisthan Now. But Kamikaze is the pilot with the big bomb and deliberately rammed his plane to the Allies Army Ship. It's useful enough, But After Hiroshima and Nagasaki is detonate by U..S Army. And Finally Japan has surrender to the Allies Army

Back to Western Front in Europe. Before until the frontier line of Germany, the U.S Army led by Dwight Einshower has launched the counter attack and this counter attack called by "D-Day Battles". Altough The Germany's Army has provided the counter attack. But isn't useful for progressing the Allies' Army to attack the Germany and finally controlled the Berlin, the capital city of Germany. And if need, the Allies' Army can catch the Adolf Hitler. And Adolf Hitler will be executed.

Finally Rusia has achieved the Berlin on 1945,May 1st. And Finally too for Adolf Hitler's Life. He has decided to suicided with shot the gun to the head with his wife , Eva Braun. Whereas, Yesterday Eva Braun recently has married with Adolf Hitler. Their has suicided in the bunker and before he want to suicide, he has greeted  troops who are still loyal to him. And he instruct to the troops to fire his body after he has suicided. After Hitler and his wife has suicided, the leader position has changed to Karl Donitz and he announced that Berlin has surrendered to The Allies Army. This happens on 1945,May 2 nd.  The Germany's Army in Nothern Germany, Denmark and Nederland has surrender on 1945,May 4 th.  The little of Germany's Army led by Alfred Jodl in France has surrendered on 1945,May 7 th.

On 1945,May 8 th , The people in The Allies country has celebrated their wins on 1945,May 8 th. But Russian's people has celebrated in their country on 1945, May 9 th. Because Russia and Allies Countries have different politics. And after World War II, There are one war more remarkable than world war II between The Allies Army and Eastern Europe. And Finally The Allies Army is a winner.