All Facebook tricks you never knew (35+ tricks) 2017.

                                 Happy new month all.
Facebook is a popular social media which most of us have been making use of. Most of us make use of Facebook for chatting, while the others make use of Facebook as a promotion media {mainly for bloggers}.

There are lots of facebook tricks online out there, but most Facebook users have no idea about all this Facebook tricks. We previously published an article on how to send empty messages on Facebook and how to update empty facebook status, and lots of people have been asking us to publish more Facebook tricks.

In this tutorial, lots of Facebook tricks has been made easy with just one software. Yeah, with one {1} software, you can enjoy 35+ Facebook tricks. Instead of wasting your time and data, we decided to publish this to you all.

NOTE: This software does not contain all Facebook tricks. It contains only 35+ facebook tricks. But we will publish other Facebook tricks here for you all.

How does this software work?

This awesome software is very easy to use. It is an automatic software. You need no much tutorials before knowing how to use this software. But if you get stuck anywhere, we are here to assit you all. This software does not require your Facebook details {password and username}. This made it a 100% secured software to use.

Although, this software is a free one, but you need to upgrade to a premium account before you can be able to use some tricks. That won't be a problem because we will drop our premium account details for you all.

See the below screenshots.

How to get this software?

The software download link and the premiun account details will be sent to you on your mail address, Facebook account or Whatsapp number.

Well for all this, the price for this software and our premiun account is $2. With just $2, you will be able to use 35+ Facebook tricks.
We see no reason why you {Facebook users} should neglect this software. With this software, you will get 35+ Facebook tricks and the rest Facebook tricks { those not included } will be published here.

We all know that all fingers are not equal, and we want to appreciate our active fans by giving them this software and our premiun account for free.

According to Google analytics, 55% of our visitors are returning visitors while the rest 45% are new visitors. So with this, we know we have lots of returning visitors but not all of them are active visitors.
Our most active visitors are those who share our blog posts and those who comment on our blog posts. We {Crackerwap team} have decided to send this package to the first 30 lucky readers. After sending this package to 30 readers, the rest will now pay the sum of $2 only.

To get this package to your mail box, kindly type in your mail address below, verify it and you will get the download link of this software within 24hours {1 day}.

Be one of the lucky 30 readers and get this amazing software and our premium account for free.
Enter your email address:

NOTE: If we have sent this package to you, then there is no need for you to type your mail address below.

For those of you who don't have a mail address, kindly comment with your Facebook username or Whatsapp number and one of us will contact you and send the download link to you.

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