Trick on how to view images using Airtel and Etisalat free facebook.

Most of us have been chatting for free on Facebook using on both Airtel and Etisalat sim. But we were unable to view images since it was restricted by the service providers.

The Mystery Minds have been using the below tricks to chat on Facebook for free and was able to view images. We got a mail from someone saying 'if it is possible to view images on Facebook using the' and we decided to take it up as a project to make it possible.

NOTE: For those of you who have any project/question for us to tackle, can kindly contact us using the below contact info.
Mail us:
Whatsapp us: 08176128336
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How to view images on Facebook using or

1. Download and install Mercury browser.
Mercury browser.apk download

2. Switch on your data connection and open the installed Mercury browser.

3. Visit and sign in.

4. Now, you will observe that you can view all images while you are in free mode.

NOTE: This trick works with Mercury browser only { as of the time of publishing this post }.
This trick was discovered by Cracker Lordz: a member of The Mystery Minds and also a member of Cracker Teamz. You can also submit your posts, tricks, and hacks to us using the above contact info.

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