Tips for being a successful hacker

AnNowadays, lots of youths{Graduates,undergraduates and people in school} wish to be a hacker, but are still confussed on which step to take.

Who is a Hacker?
A hacker is a person who secretly finds a way of looking at and/or changing information on somebody else's computer system without permission.

What knowledge does a hacker needs?
As a hacker, you need some basic knowledge which will facilitate your ability of hacking.
Analysis showed that top hackers are people who studied Computer science and engineering in the university coupled with their efforts and concentrations.

They also partake in an IT program specifically on Ethical hacking. There are many IT programs like web development, software and hardware development, ethical hacking and others. But hackers do partake in ethical hacking.

We all know that here in Nigeria, universities do take Computer science as a single 4 years course and also Computer engineering as a single different 4 years course. But in some other countries, they do offer both as a single 4 year course. Because as a Computer engineer, you need to have the knowledge of Computer science.
Countries like India do offer Computer science and engineering as a single 4 years course and at a very cheap rate.

They also offer Ethical hacking in their IT program. If you are a Nigerian, and wish to study in India with just your WAEC result, then tap this link: Study in India with WAEC result.

Steps for being a pro hacker.
In order to be a hacker, I advice you to consider the below steps.

Note: Don't just decide that you want to be a hacker because you see many successful hackers out there. If hacking is your passion and dream, then consider taking the below steps.

1. Apply for Computer science and engineering as a course in the university, outside Nigeria{US, UK, India and some other Asian countries}.

2. Be serious with your studies and also do your researches.{Don't depend only on what the school taught you. You need to learn coding}.

3. Enroll in Ethical hacking{IT program} after your 4 years of study in the university{regardless of the country which you studied}.

4. Try to create things yourself{creating a program, network, virus and many more}.

5. Try hacking your personal programs/datas first.

6. Try hacking your family/close friends programs.

7. Try to reach other hackers{either your course mates back then in school}.

8. Hide your identity as you hack{for security purposes}.

If you follow all the above steps, I can tell you that you will be a hacker or a pro hacker.
As you should know, determination is the strenght of many.

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