Study abroad with just your WAEC result(no JAMB, no post UTME and no TOEFL).

abroadMany foreign countries decided to offer admission to Nigerian students with good WAEC result without JAMB and Post UTME in order to minimize the number of undergraduates seeking admission yearly in Nigeria.

Every year,thousands of Nigerian students who applied for jamb are being denied of addmission.Either due to poor performance or due to any other reasons which we won't be mentioning here.

As we said earlier,foreign countries do offer admission to Nigerian students but most of the foreign countries require a prove of English knowledge{TOEFL and any other exams}. But in this post,we will tell you about the country which only demands your WAEC result.

Study in India with just your WAEC result{no JAMB and Post UTME}
India representatives came to Nigeria and declared that they will be offering admission to Nigerian students who has at least 5 Credits in his/her WAEC result into their desired university in India.

In their statements,they aim at minimizing the number of Nigerian students seeking for admission yearly.

In 2015,India reprensentatives declared that there are currently 4,940 Nigerian students in India and over 27,890 graduates from India universities. They also assured Nigerians that job is guarantee before and after graduation.

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What do we do?

1. We will check your WAEC result and know if you are eligible for your desired course.

2. We will tell you the tuition fee{School fees} of your desired course.

3. We will tell you about your accomodation fee{Hostel or flat}.

4. We help in your admission processing.

5. Help you in Visa processing without a need for an agent.

6. Airport pick up on arrival into India.

7. Help you in settling down (accomodation,sim cards and residential permits).

Contact us if you are interested.

whatsapp us@ 08176128336

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