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Happy new year to all Crackers.We are thanking you all for sharing 2016 with us.

This blog was created on November 2016 and has been having huge traffic due to all your efforts.We thank you all for giving this blog a life,but its life is still uncomplete without comments.

That is why we decided to offer free airtimes to the 3 top commentators of each month.3 top commentators of January starts today(1st of January 2017) and ends on 31st January 2017.

As we all know that Rome was not built in a day, so also is this blog. This blog is just 2months old,so why don't you be among those who will contribute to the growth of this blog.

We have release our 2017 budget in our own privacy. And we know that completing our 2017 budget will satisfy all our readers just as we ended 2016 with Airtel #0.00 free unlimited browsing.
This 2017, lots of free browsing cheats will be Cracked, so we advise you to always visit this blog for all latest updates.

   Thank you all

Start commenting to recieve your rewards in the end the month.
One Love

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