Good news all: You can now download our posts as PDF.


you can now read our posts offline in 3 methods(through saving our pages,through our android app and through PDF).

As we said earlier on 1st of this month, that we have released our 2017 budget in our own privacy. And we want to ensure that no Cracker is left behind.

We are also working on many means of publishing/spreading this blog across the whole world,which you all can be of help to us by sharing our posts. This lead to the adding of a pdf download link at the footer(end) of each posts. Which will now enable you all to download any of our posts by just tapping a link.

Major benefits of downloading our 
posts as PDF

1. It will serve as an alternative method of sharing our posts through links(You can now share our posts as pdf or as link).

2. An easy way of storing your favourite tutorials by downloading them in pdf.

3. Reduce the amount of save pages in your browser since you can just download the page with your PC or phone.

To download any of our posts as PDF is not a hard task. All you have to do is to scroll down ?? to the footer of that particular post(before Blog achieve) and tap a button/link name 'Save page as PDF'. Your download will be completed within few seconds(depending on the post lenght).

Scroll down and download this post as PDF to see how it works.

You can now read our posts offline in 3 methods(by saving our pages, through our android app and by downloading it as PDF).

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