All 2017 free browsing cheats (newly cracked)

To all Crackers,we have been engoying the Glo #0.00 unlimited free browsing and the Etisalat 60mb per day for a long period of time. On December 2016, Airtel #0.00 free unlimited browsing cheat was cracked. We all enjoyed the cheat{for both android and pc} until it was blocked by Airtel officials.

Reasons why Airtel #0.00 was blocked.

Till now,somepeople still don't know the reason why Airtel #0.00 was blocked.
The Airtel #0.00 was blocked mainly because of over publishing. Many bloggers copied others posts and published them in their blogs,while some bloggers uploaded a video of the cheat on youtube.
Some bloggers also shared the post on facebook and different social medias.
This is where we believe that the post might have reached in the hands of Airtel officials or agents.
In order to avoid such incidence again,we decided to stop posting newly cracked free browsing cheats.Instead,we will send them to your mail box{gmail or email}.This will make it easier for us all,because no Network official will be aware of the newly cracked cheat.
Just enter and submit your email/gmail addrease.After which you are to verify your gmail/email by checking your inbox in order to start recieving newly cracked cheats.

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We will post newly cracked free browsing cheats in this blog only when they are about a month old{By then,we should have enjoyed the browsing cheat before posting}.
In order not to be left out,we strongly advice you to enter,submit and verify your mail account.

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