What you should know before creating a blog

Nowadays,many youths do engage in blogging for one reason or the another but only few blogs are successful.

Blogging has been around for many years now.Without bloggers,there will be no information on Google and other search engines. Search engines such as Google only crawl data from peoples site or blog,allowing others to get information based on what they searched for.

Many people do engage into blogging because they saw others doining it.While so many others do engage into blogging just to earn money.In this post,we will enlighten you all on the basic things you need to know before creating a blog.

Decide your blog content.

Before thinking about creating a blog,you should firstly consider what your blog will contain. Your blog content will be based on your passion or your aspect of specialization/education.

If you love hacks,then your post content will be based on hacking tutorials.If you studied Computer Science,then your blog content will be based on Programming or any other topics under Computer Science.
Choosing the right blog content will also help you in managing your blog.

Decide your blog name and logo

Your blog name will be related to your blog content.We advice you not to ever use your name as a blog name. Our blog name is Crackerwap.
Your logo should be neat and smart.

Choose a blog promotion method.

Choose a method for publishing your blog,a method of advertising your blog posts.
Social medias are the major way which many bloggers use to promote their blog posts.
We advice you to sign up in many social medias which is where you will share all your blog posts.

Commenting in people's blog with a link to your site will not only promote your site but will also create back links for your site. You can also beg your friends to share your posts.

Choose a site builder

After considering all the above tips,its now time to choose a site builder.
There are many site builders online,but we advice you to use Blogger or Wordpress since you want to create a blog.
You can make researches based on the above two site builders and know the one that suits your needs.

Establishment of close relationship between you and your readers.

It is very very important to establish a close relationship between you and your readers.
You can archieve this by creating a Whatsapp group,Facebook page and even your personal social media accounts.
This will establish trust between your readers and you and will also lead to rapid development of your blog.

You should also create out enough time for your visitors{replying their comments on your blog and also on social medias}.

Avoid forcing people to comment in your blogs or social media groups.You should bear in mind that some people love to send their questions privately to you{either by gmail or any social media account}.And you should not tell the person to comment in your blog of social media groups.

Detailed posts

Your posts should be properly spaced and also with relevant images.
You should avoid copying other blogs posts because it leads to low ranking by your readers and also search engines.

Note: It is adviced to use a pc or android phone while blogging.

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