How to make a fake call/fake a call with android phone + video tutorial


Faking a call or making a fake call has been made easy for android phone users with the help of some android apps.

There are many android apps which we can use to fake a call or make a fake call,but here at Crackerwap, we try to give you guys the best.


* Download and install SpoofIDE
SpoofIDE.apk download{5.53 mb}

* Open the installed SpoofIDE

* Tap the call sign{The first image}

* Delete the name in the second bar and type your desired name or number{The number or name which will call you}

* Tap the last image or bar with call sign and minimize the app{if you wish}.It will take about 4-5 seconds before you get a fake call

* You can now pick or reject the call.

Watch Video tutorial

Download video tutorial

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