Sabtu, 03 Desember 2016

This December,this site will be a month old and we decided to reward our fans{You all} for all your supports by giving out free recharge cards to you all.

This activity will not only last for this month,but will be done every month.{That is to say that the free recharge cards will be given every months.}

How to be eligible for this free recharge cards

All you have to do is to be among the 3 top commentators of the month.

What does 3 top commentators of the month mean

Firstly,top commentators mean those who commented the most in a particular site within a particular period of time.

So,the 3 top commentators of the month are the 3{three} people who commented the most in this site within a particular month.

All you have to do is to visit our site and read our posts and then drop your comments or views.In the end of every month,the 3 people with the highest comments will be given #500+ airtime each{Each of you will be given #500 airtime and above,which is a total of #1500+ for the 3 top commentators of a particular month}.
You can also comment on our previous posts.

How will you recieve your reward

Every 1st of a new month,we will post the names of the 3 top commentators.If you are included,you are to comment with your mobile number and your mobile network name{MTN,ETISALAT,AIRTEL or GLO} for us to send the recharge card to you.

As you all know,without the Crackers{you all},there will be no Crackerwap.

We thank you all for all your supports{sharing our posts and visiting our site} and we won't disappoint you all in the aspect of free browsing cheats,hacks,techs and web tutorials.

What are you waiting for?,start commenting now because 3 top commentators for December.counts from today.


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