Wow! Glo #0.00 browse and downloads faster with this new app

Hello Crackers,we all know about the Glo #0.00 free unlimited browsing and downloading with proxy sites.
But today,we are going to show you all how to browse faster and download without proxy sites.
Recentlt,a new app called xp psiphon was released with many new features which seems to be better than the normal psiphon handler we all know. This cheat was cracked by Cracker Lordz and Nuel Cee.

How to browse and download with xp psiphon

1.Download Xp psiphonXp psiphon.apk download

2.Download Xp psiphon configuration file
Glo #0.00.xp download

3.Set your phone Apn as the below screenshot.

Apn: glosecure
Port: 8080

4.Open the installed Xp psiphon and tap the + button in the right down side.

5.Tap import.

6.Choose the downloaded Glo #0.00.xp

7.Input as password.

 8.Now tap Connect and wait for it to connect.
9.After a successful connection,start browsing with Uc browser.

Mine downloads without proxy sites but if yours refuse to download then use a proxy site.
Comment with your encounters to tell others if ir worked or not because mine is faster now.

 Site owners can add their site in their comment.

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