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We are glad to welcome you all to www.crackerwap.blogspot.com - Base of all hacks and techs.

Crackerwap was created and designed on November,2016 by Cracker Lordz and Nuel Cee{The Mystery Minds}.

The main reason for creating this website is to tackle all your problems based on the aspect of techs,free browsing cheats and tricks,hacks{android,pc,ps2,psp,life,food etc}, web tutorials and other related aspects.

What do we call you{our visitors}?

We call our visitors Crackers and this site being Crackerwap is now a site for Crackers.
We ensure that the Crackers are always satisfied by posting tested and confirmed hacks,free browsing cheats and tricks.

As the saying 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy' which also implies that 'All hacks and no entertainment makes Jack a dull boy'.So we decided to include Entertainment in our contents so that none of you will be left behind.

How we operate

We post what we have tested and confirmed to be true. We offer free tutorials based on all the above aspects mentioned earlier. We reply our visitors comments within a period of 24 hours(a day).

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