Selasa, 29 November 2016

UcSome of you guys might be encountering different problems with the Glo #0.00 using Phison handler, Xp psiphon or Tweakware.
So we decided to share the Uc mini handler settings for your Glo unlimited browsing and downloading.
Uc mini handler settings for Glo #0.00

Send PAYU to 127

1.Download and install Uc mini handler

2.Set your apn settings by tapping Here

3.Open the installed Uc mini handler and set the below settings

Device User-Agent:

Web User-Agent: Safari

Proxy type:
Real host

Proxy server:

Real proxy type:

Real proxy port: 8080

4.Tap Ok and your Uc browser will open.

5.Start browsing your favourite sites.

If you want to download any file and it refuses to download,just go to step 2 and tap the Here to see how to download unlimited with it.


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