Selasa, 29 November 2016

ProxyWe all must have heared of the Glo #0.00 unlimited free browsing in android with Crack vpn,Tweakware,Psiphon,Uc mini handler and Xp psiphon.
But using any of the above apps{apart from Xp psiphon} for the cheat will need a proxy site in order to download any file.
And the Xp psiphon seems not to be working for all sims {mainly old sim cards}.

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Xp psiphon settings for Glo #0.00

Crack vpn and Tweakware settings for Glo #0.00

We have been using some proxy sites{Eg} but recently,we started getting complains from our visitors in whatsapp group chats about these proxy sites.That they are unable to download any file from these proxy sites. So we decided to take it up as our duty to resolve.Because we aim at satisfying our visitor{the Crackers} in the aspect of their browsing needs and hacks.

How to download large files with Glo #0.00

This trick was tested with Uc mini handler,so kindly follow the below steps carefully and don't jump any step.

1.Send PAYU to 127.

 2.Go to your phone settings and set your Access point settings as the below.


APN type:
Mark all and tap ok

APN protocol:

APN roaming protocol:

3.Now tap the three{3} dots button at the right hand top and then tap save

4.Connect your Tweakware / Crack vpn / Psiphon or Uc mini handler.{We are using Uc mini handler for this tutorial}

If you are also using Uc mini handler or want to use it,you should check the settings by tapping the below link

Uc mini handler settings for Glo 0.00

5.Now start browsing and when you reach the download page of what you want to download,just copy the download link and visit or
We have tested the two proxy sites and it downloads well but has different download speed.So you can test the two and choose the one that suits your need.
6.Paste the copied download link and tap Go


7.Rename the file and its extention to the actual name{Eg german-proxy.php to Crackerwap.apk} and tap download.

Your downloads begins immediately with high speed{depending on network service}.

Those with old Glo sims,which might not work with Xp psiphon.Should not worry but stay updatted because we are almost through with the cracking process.

If you have an old Glo sim,just try the cheat.Because it works for some old Glo sims and mostly all new sims.


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