New Glo #0.00 unlimited browsing and downloading

So many people wont believe that Glo 0.00k free unlimited browsing and downloading is still blazing for android and requires no much settings. Although,we have posted this cheat in our old site but we decided to post it here for those who are unaware of the cheat.

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How to browse and download unlimited with Glo 0.00k for android.

1.Download and install tweakware vpn{Edited to Crack vpn}.
 Crack vpn.apk download
2.Set your Glo apn{phone settings} to glosecure

 3.Open the installed Crack vpn and tap Settings on the right top corner.
4.Tap Cheat selection and tap Select cheat.

5.Tap Glo 0.00k

6.Go back and tap Server settings -> Connection mode -> Direct

7.Go back and connect.

Thats all,start blazing.{If it does not download,then visit and input the download url or link and press Go}.
Ensure that you are in 3G network coverage area.

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