Life hacks-Make your android phone to sound as an external speaker

Hello Crackers,today we are going to show you how to increase the volume of musics played in your phone. This has been going on for a long time,but we just decided to post it for those who dont know how to do it.

What you need for this to work

a.A phone{Android phone specifically}.

b.A music in the phone for the test.

c. A cup{glass cup preferred}.

How to make it work

1.Get you cup cleaned and dryed.

2.Get your phone and play the music in your desired volume.

3.Insert the phone{speaker area} inside the cup while the music is playing.

4.Wow!,the music sounds higher than before.

You can use this trick in parties,classrooms,or even in your sitting room.

NOTE: You can use small stainless bowl.But any one you use,determines how your music will sound.

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