How To Play Your Favourite Games In Another Phone Without Losing Your Game Progress

Hello crackers are you really in love with the games you play and afraid to lose it .Well if so this post is for you.
Under many months now,people mostly play online games because even if you lose your current phone and get a new one your game progress will still be intact because its online. Well those who don't have WiFi networks on their area to play games online should not worry because you will learn how to transfer save games data to another phone.

We will use Fifa14 for example because we are lovers of Fifa


  • The new phone
  • SD card which you used in your former phone
  • A computer or a phone
Now you are ready!

If you don't have a system(pc) don't worry about it a phone can do the job.
Insert the SD card of your former phone in another phone.Power the phone on,go to xender if you have it installed and send the game's data file eg:com.eagames.fifa14_row

Open xender>Files>Android>data>com.eagames.fifa14_row.After that one,send the obb if the game has an obb files

Open your file manager

Scroll down to the folder xender
Open it and tap folder
When you open folder you will see two files
  1. com.eagames.fifa14_row
  2. com.eagames.fifa14_row(0)
NOTE:The file which is smaller in size is usually the data and the bigger sized is the obb


  1. Cut the smaller sized folder (data) (I will take it as the first file) and paste it at Android>data>�
  2. Cut the bigger sized folder (obb) (I will take it as the second one) and paste it at Android>obb>�
  3. After you paste the second rename it and clean the (0) which it contains
  4. After you are done you ready to go.
  5. Enjoy!!

If any questions or any complaint use the comment box below

More hacks and cheats coming your way�

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