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createEver wanted to create and own a website or want to design your site in any platform and dont know how to go about it.Dont worry,we are here to help all Crackers out.

Reasons why you might need a website

1.To sell your products.

2.To publish your talent{musician,commedian}.

3.To earn money.

4.For general discussions{Forum sites}.
And so many reasons why you might need a site.

Wait!,are you too busy with your work or your studies to manage a site?

Hmmm,that is not a problem because we will help you publish and promote your contents.All you have to do is to submit your content and your details to our email account{} or whatsapp number{08176128336} and we will analyze your contents and publish it in our site{crackerwap}.

You should observe a video in our site named Daniel UprightDaniel Upright submited his contents and we published his contents in our site.

We will not edit your contents.We will only ensure that it is Scam free.
We will help you to create and design a website for you or help you design your website{If you have any already}.

 If you need a website or want us to design your site for you,just email us at or whatsapp us at 08176128336. We offer free tutorials based on how to create your own website and which site builder you need.

We also offer free tutorial based on designing and managing of your site including SEO tips.

What are you still waiting for?. Start promoting your contents by submitting them to our email{} or whatsapp{08176128336}.

Also own a site by sending your request with your desired site name and also why you need a site{this will help us know what site builder to make use of in creating your site}.

Get your site designed by submitting your site url and we will design it for you.
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