InOrder traversal of Binary tree in Java using Recursion and Iteration

This is the second article about tree traversal algorithms using Java. In the first part, we have seen the pre-order algorithm for visiting all nodes of the binary tree and today we'll learn about the InOrder traversal. As I told you before, unlike array and linked list, binary tree has several ways of traversal. The traversal algorithms are broadly divided into depth first and breadth first traversal algorithms depending upon how algorithm actually works. As the name suggest, depth first explores binary tree towards depth before visiting sibling, while breath first visits all nodes in the same level before going to next level, hence it is also known as level order traversal. Both PreOrder and InOrder tree traversal algorithms are depth first and the only difference between pre-order and in-order algorithm is the order on which root, left node, and right node of the binary tree is visited.
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