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Game Heldric - The Legend of the Shoemaker game PC/Komputer ringan dan pastinya seru game ini mirip dengan Age of Emire ataupun Stronghold.

Do you enjoy hack-n-slash but longed for a bit more? Maybe you like tower defense games but find them a bit boring? Heldric is a unique mix of the same old styles of game with a few new twists. A hack-n-slash without endless level grinding. A tower defense game with more action. A game where you don�t play as an epic hero, but as a humble shoemaker who must work together with his fellow villagers to defend their home.

- Build and upgrade town structures each with their own bonus effects
- Defend the village against monstrous waves of evil attacks
- Protect the kingdom one village at a time in campaign mode
- Randomized villagers, each with different amount of courage and weapon knowledge
- Randomized monsters, each with different armor parts and weapons
- Smash, kick, puncture and explode the enemy to send their corpse flying with rag-doll effects
- Place explosive powder kegs as traps, or drop them in a group like grenades
- Experience many rich and unique environments

screenshoot :

Screnshoot Heldric - The Legend of the Shoemaker :

Size Game 176 mb

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